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ANNOUNCING the Lean+Agile Atlanta Unconference
The Lean+Agile Atlanta Unconference for 2016 will be held Friday 11/4 at TechSquare Labs. Attendence is limited to 100. Early bird pricing ends in September. Reserve your spot now.
Atlanta Lean & Agile User Groups
Most of the Greater Atlanta lean and agile user groups can now be found on meetup. The PMI Atlanta Agile LIG perhaps isn't on meetup, but if you are in PMI, perhaps you know how to find LIGs.
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For questions concerning a specific meetup, contact that group's moderator. For general questions about agile in Atlanta, you might try:
XP Atlanta was formed in May 2001 by Obie Fernendez and about a dozen initial members. Later, the group changed it's name to Agile Atlanta. Years later, the Atlanta Scrum Meetup was formed, the PMI Atlanta Agile LIG was formed, as was the Atlanta Limited WIP Society meetup. Multiple additional agile groups have since formed around town.
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